Hostel Price list

Accommodation cell with own toilet and shower (double room + triple room)

Days of continuous stay:
double room 24,00€/night/until 7 days
double room 18,00€/night/8 and more
triple room 36,00€/night/until 7 days
triple room 27,00€/night/8 and more
quadruple room 48,00€/night/until 7 days
quadruple room 36,00€/night/8 and more
Parking - personal car 1,50€/night
Parking- camper van 2,-€/night
Parking - bus 4,-€/night
City tax 3€/night

The prices include VAT. City tax is not included in the price of accommodition. The price list is valid from 1st January 2023.